I offer several programs to help you achieve your goals - whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, or general lifestyle.

Diet Assessment: Your First Step to Food Freedom

Diet Assessment: Your First Step to Food Freedom

Diet Assessment: Your First Step to Food Freedom

Which diet sounds great to you: Paleo, South Beach, Atkins, The Zone, gluten-free, raw, vegan?

How many have you tried?

How many have worked?

Until you know how your unique body works, you can try any number of diets and they might all fail. Even if they work for your best friend, your husband, and your co-worker, what your body needs is different. Food can also affect you differently depending which life stage you are in.

I used to eat a ton of fast food and not gain any weight from it.  Now, I’m pretty sure even the thought of eating a Big Mac makes me pack on 5 lbs. I have had 4 kids and gained about 16 years in age since that time and now my body reacts to food differently than it did back then.

I have become more aware of how my body thrives because I was able to take away and add foods in a strategic way that helped me take note of the changes I felt. What was really going on in my body?

This program serves as that tool for you.

You will track what you eat for 2 weeks – everything from breakfast until your midnight snack. Once your 2 weeks is over, you will email your food journal to me for review. No judgements here. Honesty is the ONLY way this program works. After my evaluation of your diet, I will give you personalized recommendations, tips, and improvements you can make to help you begin to understand your body’s needs.

Program breakdown:
– You track your food habits for 2 weeks.

– Email me your record.
– I provide unique recommendations and tips for YOUR body.
– We will talk on the phone for 30 minutes to answer any questions you have.
– You apply my easy tips and start becoming aware of how food affects your body.
– You no longer try fad diets. You know your body.

Your Investment: $97