Ode to the girl that is me

Ode to the girl that is me
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When I first read this poem, tears came to my eyes. These words so beautifully capture something that I have only recently come to realize – I will always have that little girl inside of me even though I have the body of a woman now.

We all do.

No matter if your childhood was amazing or devastating – you will always hold that little girl inside of you.

She will always cower when you say negative things about yourself – out loud or just in your head.
She will always feel disappointment when you choose to listen to other people instead of her.
She will always get her feelings hurt when you are impatient with her.
She will always love you – with the kind of love that only a child can give.
She will always see the world as pure and good.

Think about that little girl inside you – think as far back as you need to imagine yourself as a child. How do you want to treat her? How do you want her to feel everyday? What makes her cry, scared, giggle, excited?

Those things are still inside you. Find them. Nourish them. Let them come out and love every bit of her. Embrace her as if you could squeeze her forever. You can.

Take care of her, love her, listen to her.

Declare your love for her outloud. Right now. Do it.

I’ll go first –
“I love you, little Sara.”
…and I truly mean it.

Thank you, Nisha, for creating such a beautiful poem for me and all of the wonderful women I love. You are beautiful.