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The 12 Most Important Foods You Need for Optimal Health

It’s the circle – The Circle of Life.

It’s not just from “The Lion King”- it’s something you need to learn how to do for your own health!

{You’re welcome for getting that song stuck in your head.}

A big part of my wellness coaching is about how everything in our lives can affect our health. My focus is holistic health – which means “whole body” wellness. When looking at these other “foods” that you are feeding yourself, it becomes a lot more clear why things might be out of whack! These “foods” are called primary foods. If you’ve worked with me, you are familiar with this concept already. If not, here is an exercise I like to do with my clients. This exercise will help you to discover which primary foods you are missing the most.


Here’s MY Story

Today, I am getting super real. Some of you may have heard my story before and some of you haven’t.
If you have – there is more here than you know.
If not – read on.

When I was a little girl, I wanted to be a mom. That was my ultimate goal. My second choice was to be a teacher.
(My third was a cashier… lucky for me, I was able to fulfill that desire as a teenager.)

Now, about those other two…


Ode to the girl that is me

Ode to the girl that is me
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When I first read this poem, tears came to my eyes. These words so beautifully capture something that I have only recently come to realize – I will always have that little girl inside of me even though I have the body of a woman now.

We all do.



thank you


Often times, it is in our nature, as humans, to think negatively about things in our lives and it is hard to remember the things that are going well. Creating a healthy balance between our Primary Foods is something that we really need to work towards. One way to achieve this is to recognize the things we have to be grateful for in each of our Primary Foods categories.