Week Two for the Spring Style Challenge

It’s Wednesday! That means a recap of my outfits from the GYPO Spring Style Challenge!


This week has been a great week with lots of cute outfits and variety. I’ve paired old things with new things and gotten new ideas on how to style some of my long loved items.

Remember – it’s not too late to join us! Go here for more details.

This week I will cover last Wednesday through Tuesday (days 3-9 of the Challenge).

Day 3:
Formula – Cardigan, Black Flowy Shirt, Printed Scarf, White Jeans, Hoop Earrings, Wedges


My Interpretation – Cardigan: Old Navy (old), Black Flowy Shirt: Old Navy (here), Printed Scarf: Old Navy (not online – similar), Yellow Jeans: Target (old – similar), Hoop Earrings, Wedges: Wal-Mart (here), Leopard Belt: Forever 21 (similar)

That black shirt has a fun back that is being covered up with that cardigan but I am excited to wear it alone soon. I did not take a picture of it but you can see it online. I’m not sure why the scarf is not available online but I am so happy I found it in store – it is so colorful and easy to coordinate. I highly recommend stopping in if you have an Old Navy close to pick one up for yourself!
Now – let’s talk those yellow pants! I had several questions about those. The truth is, I’ve had them for a few years now and I have even considered getting rid of them a few times. Now, I am so glad that I kept them! They are Mossimo brand from Target but they do not sell anything even close to them anymore. The ones I linked to are pretty close though!
Note: The outfit formula called for white pants – I LOVE the look of them but I just cannot even imagine what they would look like after a day with my 3 year old and 8 month old. So… for this challenge, I will be subbing different pants when white is in the formula. 🙂

Day 4:
Formula – Chambray shirt, white tank, dark wash jeans, hoop earrings, bright flats


My Interpretation – Chambray shirt: Old Navy (here), white tank: Forever 21 (here), dark wash jeans: Old Navy (here), hoop earrings, bright flats: Payless, bright green belt, statement necklace

I was pretty nervous about pairing denim with denim – I was not sure I could pull it off without looking like I was wearing a Canadian Tuxedo. 🙂 After changing my jeans about a million times, I finally settled on these Rockstar jeans from Old Navy. I am loving how it looked tucked in with that green belt that was just hanging out in my closet – it’s a nice pop of color to break up the denim look.
Okay – I have a secret to share: You can’t really see it in the picture, but I am wearing a white tank from Forever 21 and I have the same kind in several neutral colors because I LOVE them! First of all, they only cost $1.90 for the regular length camis ($3.90 for the longer ones that I like best)! What’s the catch? I have not figured it out yet – they are great quality and very flattering. I’ve worn them for months and months – even through my last pregnancy – and they are still in great shape! Go get some!!

Day 5:
Formula – Bright jacket, printed top, dark wash flare jeans, hoop earrings, wedges


My Interpretation – Printed top – Old Navy (here), flared/bootcut denim – Big Star Denim (similar), hoop earrings, wedges, long necklace, green belt

I decided to skip the jacket this time and wear my new top from Old Navy. This top was so comfortable and fit like a dream! These jeans have been some of my favorite jeans for awhile now but they are tricky to wear with flats because they are so long. I have never worn them with heels/wedges so I was excited to try it and it was perfect! I highly recommend Big Star Denim. Also – who would have thought that flared denim would be back “in” again? I do not own very many anymore but happy to say a few have remained in my closet. Maybe I should just keep all of my clothes and just wait……

Day 6:
Formula – Cardigan, gray tee, white jeans, long necklace, sandals


My Interpretation – Cardigan: Target (similar), gray tee: Old Navy (here), colored denim: Old Navy (old – only available occasionally), long necklace, sandals: Target (here)

This day was a pretty busy day and I was not able to take pictures until that evening. By that point, I was so exhausted but this outfit managed to stay looking good. Easy combinations made it easy to get dressed and get out the door! I subbed some cute coral pants for the white jeans here.

Day 7:
Formula – Chambray top, white tank, printed skirt, stud earrings, bright flats


My Interpretation – Chambray top: Old Navy (here), white tank, printed skirt: Target (here), stud earrings, bright wedges (similar)

I always wear a skirt (or dress) to church on Sundays so I was pretty excited that I did not have to change this outfit very much. The only thing I switched was some bright wedges instead of flats – just because I like to wear heels to church too. Otherwise, right on script!
PS – I’m pretty sure I have not tied my shirt like that since the early 90s. But, hey, it’s cute again! 😉

Day 8:
Formula – Cardigan, gray tee, printed scarf, dark wash jeans, bright flats


My Interpretation – Cardigan (old), gray tee (old), printed scarf – Old Navy (not available online – similar), dark wash skinny jeans – Express (similar), bright flats

That cardigan and tee were both almost retired during a recent closet purge but I decided to hold on to them. After pairing them together in this outfit, I am so glad I did!  Again, go pick up that scarf in store at Old Navy and then hop over to Express and get you some cute jeans! I kind of live in those jeans because they are so comfortable and are super easy to dress up or down.

Day 9:
Formula – Cardigan, black tee, long necklace, colored denim, sandals


My Interpretation – Cardigan – Old Navy (out of that color – here), black tee – Old Navy (here), long necklace, colored pants – Target (old), boots (similar)

This was a cold day – even snowed a bit outside! I decided that sandals were not cutting it and I should bust out the boots that I was hoping would be long packed away by now. Much better!
After each formula, Alison gives a style tip of the day and today she suggested wearing olive pants. I do not have those but I do have some dark green capris – which I normally would not wear on a cold day like this. But something I do all winter long is to pair any length pants with knee high boots – no one can ever tell and my legs still stay warm! Some tall wool socks can help with warmth if needed. It was not THAT cold so I just wore regular socks.
Who knew you’d get a fall/winter style tip from me in late April?

That’s all for this week! What can you come up with from these formulas? Link up below and share your outfits!



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  1. Wow. Your colored denim collection is awesome. I haven’t tried colored denim yet, but your blog has definitely inspired me to do so. That yellow pair is so bright and happy looking; such great purchases!

  2. Had to laugh out loud at your fall/winter style tip in April. I can’t believe how many of the challengers are still having cold weather this far into spring. Crazy. i really like all of your outfits but there are little details you have added that make them YOURS. The green belt, the yellow colored pants, the neat knot of your chambray shirt, your scarves. But that Sunday dressed for meeting outfit is my fav. So feminine. Such a perfect fit on every piece. And I love the way you organized this post with FORMULA and MY INTERPRETATION. Great job.

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