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Ode to the girl that is me

Ode to the girl that is me
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When I first read this poem, tears came to my eyes. These words so beautifully capture something that I have only recently come to realize – I will always have that little girl inside of me even though I have the body of a woman now.

We all do.


Clean-Out-the-Fridge Stir-Fry

This is what we had for dinner tonight. I have seen similar meals called Farmers Market Stir-fry and while this was pretty close to that, it wasn’t all from the Market.

My fridge had been screaming at me to clean it out for a little while now so I finally granted its wish.

I love the idea of doing a once a week clean out the fridge meal. This is especially helpful if you buy a lot of produce (I hope you do!) because sometimes things get overlooked and end up in the back of the fridge. By the time you discover them, they are rotten. Not so yum.


Nourish Your Body

(Illume Innate Health was the original name of my business)

How do we expect our bodies to thrive when we are constantly giving it food that is full of toxins?

When we feed ourselves with food that does not nourish, we are forcing our bodies to spend energy on ridding themselves of those toxins instead of allowing for new and wonderful growth.

 Think about it.

 What “garbage” can you cut out?




thank you


Often times, it is in our nature, as humans, to think negatively about things in our lives and it is hard to remember the things that are going well. Creating a healthy balance between our Primary Foods is something that we really need to work towards. One way to achieve this is to recognize the things we have to be grateful for in each of our Primary Foods categories.